Jumpsuit + Swap the Belt for a Headband!

Pictures originally taken 7/20/2020 (playing catch up!)
Words written on Instagram on that day…
That moment when you realize that the Huz and Maya are about to photobomb a shoot that you thought you were going to do quickly solo…
It was my birthday weekend, so…it only happens once a year!
I’ll TAKE IT!! Anyone else get SO excited when their spouses actually want to get in the frame?!!?
At some point I will blog again…
It’s not now though, sadly…
Still taking pictures when I’m moved to do so…
Is anyone else just NOT IN THE MOOD???!
I’m so drained by the daily LIFE these days.
I miss camps. I miss playdates. I miss GETTING SHIT DONE!
BUT…UGH. We gotta stay safe.
Blog Drew Army Green Jumpsuit Birkenstock Gizeh-1

Me seeing them coming upside…

Blog Drew Army Green Jumpsuit Birkenstock Gizeh-2

Ok…the shutter is still clicking!

Blog Drew Army Green Jumpsuit Birkenstock Gizeh-3

AND…had to capture the belt as a headband again!!

Blog Drew Army Green Jumpsuit Birkenstock Gizeh-4


Blog Drew Army Green Jumpsuit Birkenstock Gizeh-5

Maya…kind of over the PDA. But she has her popsicle, so it’s all good. haha.

On me…

Jumpsuit- Drew  (ebay)
Belt- Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes- Birkenstock (thrifted)
On Maya…
Nightgown- Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
SO…the waistband of this is not conducive to the tiny belt that comes with it!  So…I knew I wouldn’t use it with the jumpsuit.  I tied it in my hair again, but tried the jumpsuit on it’s own at first…
It’s NOT flattering!!
It’s so odd to see the difference so blattenly here.
And, me taking off my glasses after I got all the focusing locked in.  At some point, I’ll wear my glasses all the time on here.  BUT…spoiler alert…not for a few years HAHA!
Blog Outtake-1Blog Outtake-2
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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