Chunky Knits + Cowboy Boots!

Fall for me equals big comfy sweaters + boots.  Sooooo many variations, but all so good.
blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-1 blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-2 blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-3  And… Three cheers for mother in laws that live in Oklahoma and send us amazing cowboy boots!!

Maya just got this pair for her birthday, and we are both in LOVE!!

Oh, and the way she’s leaning on me??!  Dying…blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-4 blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-5 blog-chunky-oversized-hand-knit-cardigan-j-brand-skinny-lucchese-cowboy-boots-6 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-1 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-2 Omg, that face!!blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-3 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-4 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-5 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-6 blog-mini-boden-furry-vest-le-top-cute-cookie-dress-old-west-square-toe-cowboy-boots-7

On me…

Sweater- Handknit by my dad.
Top- Mason (eBay, similar here)
Jeans- J Brand (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Vest- Mini Boden (thrifted, similar here)
Jeans- GapKids (thrifted)
Cowgirl Boots- Old West Square Toe Boots (birthday present from Gigi!)
Keeping it Real…
She loves standing right behind me to take our picture, or under my legs…as I’ve shown many times 🙂  I was trying to get her from being behind me.  She wasn’t having in of it.
blog-outtake-2I was trying to set up for the boot shot ( you can see the focus stand in the background), and Maya kept sticking her head right in front of the lens haha.  I Photo Shopped the stand out of the shot in the main post. blog-outtake-1
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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