Off the shoulder sweater + Ripped Skinnies + Pop of RED clogs

 One of my favorite accessories is a fun red shoe!  It makes any outfit pop… And, when you can’t think of what you want to wear, your shoes can save you!

Honestly, I took these images a few weeks ago. That will be the reoccurring them lately, as I’m in the thick of my busy season, and our weather is… well, not so great!

Currently, it’s raining sideways and we are about to have 20-30 mph winds with 40-50+ mph gusts of winds over the weekend (WHAT!?)  Needless to say, my shoots over the weekend and Maya’s soccer game have been cancelled, and we will be cuddling inside with our fire going.  Because even if we loose power, it will still go (thank goodness!!)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on work!!
blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-1 blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-2 blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-3 blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-4blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-5 Couldn’t leave the stuffies behind… 😉blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-6 The only way I could get her to let go of them, was to offer to swing her…blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-7 blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-8 Love this next one!  She normally jumps, but she just kept balancing on one foot and then pushing off into my arms. 🙂blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-9 And then the sun came out!blog-lily-mcneal-sweater-current-elliott-gray-destroyed-skinny-sven-red-lacy-clogs-10Clearly, I can’t resist a pop of red on either of us blog-lands-end-striped-dress-hanna-andersson-footless-tights-red-vans-2 That pose…blog-lands-end-striped-dress-hanna-andersson-footless-tights-red-vans-3 blog-lands-end-striped-dress-hanna-andersson-footless-tights-red-vans-4 blog-lands-end-striped-dress-hanna-andersson-footless-tights-red-vans-5

On me…

Sweater- Lily McNeal (old)
Belt- Linea Pelle (old)
Jeans- Current Elliott (eBay)
On Maya…
Dress- Lands End (thrifted)
Leggings- Hanna Andersson
Shoes- Vans (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
THEN…she decided to do a twist mid jump!  UM…I’m so glad we didn’t watch more of the Olympics than we did.  We barely had time for any.  We only watched a little bit of gymnastics, but good grief.  I can’t even imagine what she would try if she’d seen more!blog-outtake-1 When I’m smiling off to the side in images of just me…this is what’s really going on 🙂blog-outtake-2
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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