Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic is one of the easiest and elegant baked dishes! Slice top of garlic bulb, drizzle with some coconut oil, olive oil, or butter, bake in a hot oven for about an hour and voila. Perfectly tender garlic! The garlic will be soft and smooth so that you can spread it on toast or eat with veggies, add it to pasta, salad, or anything where you want some roasted garlic flavor. Enjoy!

roasted garlic blog (3)roasted garlic blog (2)roasted garlic blog (1)


  • One bulb of garlic, top sliced off (crosswise and you’ll slice some of the garlic cloves as well)
  • Oil or butter


  • Put oil or butter on garlic half, put top back on and bake for around one hour in a 400* hot oven
  • Serve hot or let cool and wrap in plastic or tinfoil and refrigerate


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