When things don’t go according to plan…sometimes that’s better.

 At least that’s what I tell myself.  And since I’ll never know what would have happened, I’m right, no? 🙂  We had planned to meet some friends at Remlinger Farms last week.  It’s a “farm” that’s about an hour away, that has rides, animals you can pet, a train ride, and overall just sensory overload fun for your toddler.  Well…come to find out they are closed during the week in September.  They hadn’t updated their website, so they were kind enough to give both my friend and me 4 passes to come back (score!).  But…we then had two little girls that were all amped up for an adventure… :{  SO…we went to the closest “park”, Tolt MacDonald Park.  Turns out it’s a campground with a super cool suspension bridge!  I kind of want to go back and go camping here.  I say this as a non camper.  They have yerts that you can rent.  For those of you not familiar with what a yert is (I had no idea!).  It’s a “tent/cabin”.  No amenities, but these had flooring and bunkbeds.  That is my kind of camping 🙂Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-1I thought Maya might be scared of the bridge.  It actually swayed when you were in the middle!  But…nope.  She ran back and forth from end to end a kazillion times. Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-2 Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-3 Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-4 Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-5Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-5- Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-6Taking a breather… 🙂Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-6-I yelled for her to stop, and then was actually kind of impressed that she held her dress up… Sadly, it didn’t matter because she found an even BIGGER puddle which drenched her completely… Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-7Which is why she’s wearing MY shirt in this picture haha 🙂 Blog Tolts Macdonald Park-8Later that night (and an outfit change for Maya), we headed over to my parents house (who live a few blocks away).   Someone wanted to wear her horse crown.  “Mom, look!  I’m a horse!”Blog All Saints Crop Sweater Rebecca Taylor Cotton Cami Current Elliott Destroyed Boyfriend Birkenstocks-1 Blog All Saints Crop Sweater Rebecca Taylor Cotton Cami Current Elliott Destroyed Boyfriend Birkenstocks-2 Blog All Saints Crop Sweater Rebecca Taylor Cotton Cami Current Elliott Destroyed Boyfriend Birkenstocks-4Blog flower crown Cyrillus Dress Gap Jacket Minnetonka Moc Booties-1See?  Horse tail 😉 Blog flower crown Cyrillus Dress Gap Jacket Minnetonka Moc Booties-2On me…

Sweater- All Saints (purchased via Instagram)
Top- Rebecca Taylor (ThredUp)
Jeans- Current Elliott (thrifted)
Shoes- Birkenstocks (20 years old!)
On Maya…
At the Park
Dress- Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Shoes- Sperry Topsider (thrifted)
Jacket- Gap (thrifted)
Dress- Cyrillus (thrifted)
Shoes- Minnetonka (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
A true keeping it real.  Yes, most of the pictures I post are us having a great time.  Yes, that is what happens daily, for the most part.  Until….it’s time for us to leave said fun place.  Lately, Maya has started throwing FITS (totally tempted to italicize and BOLD that word!!) whenever it’s time to leave.  Oddly enough not on the above excursion, but today (I do these posts a few days after they happen) she was in rare form.  Admittedly, it was her first day of school and she was possibly overstimulated.  THAT went totally smooth.  She couldn’t have cared less when me and the Huz said good bye (I cried).  She was totally happy to see me and chatted all the way home about what happened/how much fun she had.  Then I ran down to the beach with her in the stroller.  She ran and played, and then…it was time go.  Wow.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Wow.   I’m hoping this is a short lived phase, and if it isn’t, please don’t burst my bubble 😉  Kidding of course.  Misery loves company, so feel free to share any toddler stories.  Get it out!  It helps.  I already feel better.  It also helps that SHE forgets about said tantrum about 10 minutes later and is giggling and asking for a hug…ALMOST makes me forget it too… 🙂
(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


3 thoughts on “When things don’t go according to plan…sometimes that’s better.

    1. laurenkahan Post author

      OH, I soooooo want an Airstream! My husband wants an old Bluebird bus haha. Don’t think either is happening anytime soon though. My vote is you get one and drive across country to Seattle 🙂



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