WhoWhatWear 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge // Day 17 // Winterize your favorite summer skirt

Funny that this challenge didn’t stand out to me at first as being difficult, until I looked through my closet.  I don’t wear skirts.  Like….ever anymore!  I found a few, but they certainly aren’t any kind of “favorite”.  So, I took a dress that I love and winterized it 🙂  It’s been raining sideways, so more inside pics.

Ps-can we ignore my blindingly white legs???Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-1 Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-2This dress is pretty short, so I either pair it over super skinny jeans, or wear a slip under it. Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-3 Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-4She loves to feed Max… Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-6And jump over Max… Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-7 Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-8hahaha.  Max is like “Dude, did you see how close she got on that last jump?!  I’ll sit for the rest of these…” 🙂Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-9“Maxie!!  Come back!!”  Smart dog. Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-10 Other Style Challenge Days here…

Go monochrome in a bright color.

Create a look with three levels of layering.

Mix two or more prints into your outfit.

Make a neutral outfit interesting by layering and adding a pair of statement shoes.

On me…

Sweater- Moda (ebay, similar here)
Dress- Twenty8Twelve (Old, similar here and color here)
Belt- Thrifted, similar here

Boots- Joie “New Orleans” (sold out, but similar here, here,and less expensive here)

On Maya…
Sweater- H&M (thrifted, similar here)
Top-Gap (thrifted, similar here)
Skirt- Xhiliration (thrifted, similar here)
Tights- H&M
Shoes-See Kai Run (hand me down from a friend, similar here)
Keeping it Real…

Who wants to sit on mom’s lap when there’s dogs to jump over? :{Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-11And, a little flashback to when I wore this dress as a tunic over my big belly (33 weeks pregnant with the Peanut) 🙂33 Weeks Preggers

(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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