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Overalls + Chunky Knits + Hats (fall or…COLD spring!)

 Anyone else wondering WTF is going on with our weather??  We had snow a week ago in March…in Seattle!!

All that to say, I’ve gotten creative with my layering.  Chunky knit under overalls?  Sure, why not!

Oh, and a hat to keep my hair from blowing crazy in the WIND?

YES, PLEASE!blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-1 blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-2 blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-3 blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-4 blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-5blog-vintage-felt-hat-paige-sierra-overalls-j-crew-sweater-sam-edelman-lisle-booties-6

On me…

Sweater- J Crew (thrifted)
Hat- Vintage (thrifted)
Overalls- Paige “Sierra” Overalls (eBay, similar here)
Boots- Sam Edelman “Lisle” Boots (thrifted for $10!!  Sold out, but love this lower heel version)
Keeping it Real…
I l had 20 minutes to take pictures before I had to pick Maya up from preschool, so I thought I’d go somewhere other than right outside our house.
I went a few blocks away, got somewhat set up in front of a cool neighborhood side walk, and I kid you not…as soon as I was ready, two teenage boys came home from school and walked into the house I was about to shoot in front of-giving me weird looks.  I could have waited, but…TWENTY MINUTES!!
So….I gathered up my tripod and focusing stand that I’d already set up, and drove on.  I pulled up to another block in my neighborhood, and decided to go for it no matter what.
Um….DEAD half eaten RAT!!!!  AND….dog poop.  Right where I was going to set my tripod!!  I had to laugh!  Because, thankfully, my tripod doesn’t care.  I DID!!!  But…I looked away 🙂
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))