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It’s fig season! My little fig tree has been working hard all summer and I didn’t think the thirty or so little green ‘figlets’ would ripen until a few days ago when they started getting purple and were ready to pick! Yum, they are delicious! The kids enjoyed picking these from the tree just as much as eating them!

You may know figs from the dried fruit category, usually available in abundance during winter season. The fresh version are equally delicious, but not as sweet. Figs are a nutrient dense food and are rich in vitamins, potassium and are also a great source of fiber. Enjoy diced with yogurt, oatmeal, chia seed pudding, or simply as a piece of juicy and sweet fresh fruit.

If they don’t all get harvested and consumed, I will dip some in dark chocolate and post to the blog in a few weeks! 🙂

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Want to learn more about figs? I found some interesting reading here and some fun recipes here.


Red Currants

Red currants are an awesome berry! This plant needs a cold winter to thrive and does very well in cold harsh climates. I remember it well from Norway, and you can find it in other parts of Western Europe. I found a great selection of currant plans in a local Seattle nursery and so far they have been very happy – yielding huge amount of berries in late spring. Ours are starting to ripen right now!

The berries come in many variations.. red, white and black. They are part of the gooseberry family and are widely used in jellies, jams, juice and can certainly be eaten raw as well! They’re a little tart, but are a great source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, iron, and fiber. So yes, pretty much a super berry!

Try them as a topping to ice cream or Greek yogurt. They are also a fabulous berry for little tots to pick and snack on directly from the plant – as the berries are very easy to spot and reach.

As the berries ripen I will experiment with recipes in the next few months (that is if the kids don’t eat them all!) – so stay tuned and let us know if you have a favorite recipe to share! 🙂

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Blog Red Currants