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Festive Felted Wool Ball Ornaments

Felted Wool Ball Ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas tree decorations to make. Super easy (you need some wool, Styrofoam balls, soap and hot water!) and a fun activity to do with a toddler or older kid. After all, who doesn’t like playing in soapy water!

Ava and I had fun making these. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of us doing this project as soap was flying and Anders has just started crawling (read: tearing around the house)! But we had a blast! 🙂



  • Styrofoam balls – they come in different sizes and can be found at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s Fabric
  • Wool (find carded wool or roving online or your local yarn store)
  • Decorative long pins (optional)
  • Ribbon or yarn for tying around the balls
  • Soap & Water (liquid soap for hand or dish washing works great)


  • Wrap a bunch of loose wool around Styrofoam ball – it should be loose and fluffy
  • Dip in hot soapy water and start ‘packing a snowball’
  • Repeat this – making the ball very sudsy and keep ‘packing’ and rubbing it for 5-7 minutes
  • The loose wool will shrink and turn into felt and ‘hug’ the surface of the Styrofoam ball
  • Rinse in warm water and gently squeeze off excess water with a towel
  • Decorate and let air dry

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DIY Pine Cone Centerpiece


Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-5This was one of those projects that I had grand plans for.   A fun DIY project that both Maya and I could work on together.  Well, it didn’t quite work out the way I had envisioned, but I kind of like it better!  And we both still had fun 🙂

Start off by gathering pine cones.  If you can find mini pine cones, that would work better.  Plus, they are so tiny and cute!  This was probably Maya’s favorite step 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-1Look for other fun branches along the way.  Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-2My first thought for this project was to spraypaint the pine cones, and then have Maya shake glitter on them.  Well, I thought I had glitter.  I searched all the various places in the house that said glitter might be hiding, wasted an hour, then finally decided to try cookie sprinkles.  That didn’t work, but by that time it was time for Maya’s nap 😦  Any sane person, would have just saved the hour, gone to the store, bought more glitter, and moved on.  I’m not that person (obviously) 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-3

She still had fun shaking the bag!  Which was the point of the project anyway, so-SUCCESS! 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-4A few days went by (ok, weeks).  I never made it to the store to get glitter.  Faced with Christmas less than a week away, I just dumped the pine cones in a few vases and called it good.  We both like it!Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-6SuperMom tip-

You don’t’ have to be a supermom 🙂  This was totally easy, got Maya involved, and I think looks pretty too.  Plus, it was A LOT less messy than my original plan.dit-elle-Lauren