Free People Mini Dresses | TWINNING!

Pictures originally taken 6/25/2020 (playing catch up!)
Words written on Instagram on that day…
Dancing barefoot into the weekend…who needs shoes??

I’m not going to lie…this week was a shit storm. And I haven’t felt like posting lately… so much going on!! 💔

I had four shoots now that we are in phase 2, and I honestly lost sleep about how I was going to do them. Not only how I would do them safely, but what would I do with Maya!?

My parents were and always have been a blessing! It’s more complicated now. They are high risk, so any interaction she has with them is somewhat remote… She walks over there (BY HERSELF-such a joy for her!) and hangs out outside while they watch her from afar on their balcony. I pack a lunch for her. It’s in no way perfect, but…it’s worked this week, and I’m so thankful!

I’m even more thankful when she comes home! To see her so happy to have been with someone other than me for the day.

I feel so bad for her right now. She’s been a total rockstar, but…

I’m so scared that WE are suffering. Our relationship…

I’m determined to capture us, even if we can’t go anywhere. AND, I’m determined to capture the “REAL US” in videos. • #LKkeepingitreal
BOTH are real…

Happy Weekend! #iHaveThisThingForMulletTops

#DitElleBehindTheScenesVideo #LetterToMiscMaya

Blog Free People Mini Dress-1Blog Free People Mini Dress-2

Blog Free People Mini Dress-3

Maya is wearing….MY DRESS!!!

Blog Free People Mini Dress-4

And honestly, it looks better on her!

Blog Free People Mini Dress-5

Blog Free People Mini Dress-6

I can’t even handle the light…

Blog Free People Mini Dress-7

Like she pushed out the light on the other end?!!

Blog Free People Mini Dress-8

SO her…love!!

Blog Free People Mini Dress-9

I LOVE catching reflections, and this was just SO GOOD!!

On me…

Dress- Free People  (thrifted)
On Maya…
Dress- Free People (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Blog Outtake-1

Maya talking to the camera as we take a video…Me wondering where the focus stand point was…

Blog Outtake-2

Her face!

Blog Outtake-3

(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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