Vintage Levi’s Jacket + White Denim Jumpsuit + Embellished Sneakers + Jumping for joy…??? ;)

Originally taken 4/13/2020

Words taken from Instagram on the day I posted some of these there…

Today’s @whowhatwear #WWWwardrobechallenge was…

“Find a piece you haven’t worn forever, and build an outfit around it.”

I bought this jumpsuit on @eBay, and I LOVE IT! But…it’s a bit of a statement, and I never felt comfortable wearing it to school pick up. It’s SUPER comfy though, so…this seemed like the perfect day to bring it out!

My neighbors were playing outside, so my no so picturesque backyard it was…

Sadly…no Maya for these.

Blog DL1961 Pioneer St jumpsuit Vintage Levis Jacket Studded Superga-40cBlog 2 DL1961 Pioneer St jumpsuit Vintage Levis Jacket Studded Superga-27c

On me…

Jean Jacket- Vintage Levi’s (thrifted)
Jumpsuit-  DL1961 (ebay)
Shoes- Superga (ebay)
Keeping it Real…
It’s been a while, but I honestly do NOT know what happened here hahaha.  I’m assuming I was trying to show how comfy this jumpsuit is, but let’s just enjoy the ridiculousness…
I mean…what was I doing???  There was clearly a point to all this as there were a LOT more of these.
Alas…time has gone on, and I’m left to wonder haha.
Blog Outtake-1Blog Outtake-2Blog Outtake-3
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod)


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