Oversized Sweater Duster + Jumpsuit + Vans = Real Clothes that Feel Like Jammies

Originally taken 3/31/2020

Words taken from Instagram on the day I posted some of these there…

I’m trying reeeeaaaaaally hard to take a shower every day (it doesn’t always happen-EW!!!), but when it does, I’m also trying to put on “real clothes” for the latter half of the day. For me…it sets my mindset. I’m having a hard enough time not being out in the world, so for me, at least getting dressed helps.

BUT….I cannot wear things that aren’t comfortable! I HAVE MY LIMITS! So, occasionally, we will play dress up for photos, but on the daily…I’m comfortable. •
Clothing that feels like jammies?? COUNT ME IN! •
Cotton jumpsuits + Super soft cardigans that feel like robes? •
In my mind…I’m in my jammies, yet NOT! •
I have my shit together people! I’m DRESSED!
• 🤣🤣

Ugh…#QuarantineChic is totally going to be a thing! Didn’t even look up the hashtag, but I’m guessing it’s a thing.

I also forgot how easy it was to run outside and take pics without Maya. 5 minutes…done. I’d like to say that means I’ll take more pics but… 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Blog 1 Nation LTD Duster Jumpsuit Leopard Vans-25cBlog 2 Nation LTD Duster Jumpsuit Leopard Vans-10Blog 3 Nation LTD Duster Jumpsuit Leopard Vans-33Blog 4 Nation LTD Duster Jumpsuit Leopard Vans-17Blog 5 Nation LTD Duster Jumpsuit Leopard Vans-41c

On me…

Duster- Nation LTD (ebay)
Jumpsuit- Nation LTD (ebay)
Earrings-  Queen Anne Frame
Necklaces- Helen Ficalora
Shoes- Vans (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Not reeeeally sure what’s going on here…haha.
Blog Outtake
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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