White Tank + Button Front High Waist Jeans + Platform Sandals (classics with a twist!)

While it’s not anything fancy…if you asked me to pick ONE outfit to wear (ok, let’s just say one combo, because…omg!!🤣🙈) I’d easily say…

White top + Jeans + Comfy shoe.


Easy. Classic. SO many takes on it!

I swear I can’t find time to take pics during the day anymore! It’s a blur with Maya’s activities, then home to make dinner.

So, after dinner/post bath pics it is. I’m wearing a bun at least 50% of them time.  I wish I had time to do my hair, but honestly, most days…I don’t.  SO….I’m trying to find fun ways to accessorize the bun-haha!  I’ve tried the head scarf, but can’t quite get it to look good, so…scarf around the bun it is!Lately…when I have time to run out and take pics, it’s almost Maya’s bedtime, so…

She’s in her jammies.  But, I still want her IN the pics if I can coerce her!  If it means staying up a little later, she’s always in 🙂

On me…

Scarf- Vintage (thrifted)
Top- Petit Bateau (thrifted size 16 years haha)
On Maya…
Nightgown- (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Maya loves to jump down our rocky yard, and it always scares me…
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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