Knit Jumpsuit + Distressed Denim Jacket + Studded Tennis Shoes

 We’ve been super lucky to have a LOT of warm sunny days, but it’s still interspersed with some chilly mornings and evenings.

This weekend was totally bonkers.  Super sunny one then an hour later a down pour.  THEN…sunny again, oh and wait…more rain! That means lots of layers in the morning, that you peel off during the day, and then add back on at night… 🙂 I’m seriously obsessed with knit jumpsuits now!  You literally feel like you are wearing pajamas!  Yet, you cam make them look put together too! These have a fun stripe down the side. How cute are Maya’s pink Docs!!?? Our neighbor came home.  Don’t mind us… 🙂 She kills me with these poses!

On me…

Jean Jacket- 3×1 thrifted for $10!!! (similar here retails for $300!!)
Sweater- Inhabit (old,)
Jumpsuit- Nation LTD (eBay, similar here and LOVE this one here)
Shoes- Superga (similar here)
On Maya…
Jacket- Hudson Kids (ebay, but similar here)
Dress-Mignone (thrifted)
Boots- Dr Martens “Blip” boots (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
A) Truth be told….I took these THREE MONTHS AGO!
Oh, the days of blogging daily are GONE!
BUT…c’mon, Seattle weather means I can pretty much insert anything in and make it seem like I
just took it!
And…I have no idea what was going on here (because…3 MONTHS AGO!) but I’m assuming a
neighbor walked by haha.  As they do.
I can’t even… I almost didn’t post this, because…my LORD…what is that FACE?!!  But obviously
Maya sees that all the time, so…wow.  Sorry Maya.  And if you scroll down to these “keeping it
reals” well, this is IT! haha 🙂
Me adjusting, and Maya…well, who knows what that face is for 🙂 Us just seeing our neighbor… 🙂
And can we talk about Maya’s gap toothed SMILE?  GAH!  I miss it!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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