Mommy Manicure (take 2)

I want to preface this post by saying this is NOT a sponsored post (although, I wish it were haha!)  I just love this nail polish!

How many mama’s run out of time when they get the long awaited date night or Mama’s night out?


I did a post over a year and a half ago (WHAT?!) about using Sally Hansens Miracle Gel nail polish.  It’s great for an in home nail polish that lasts longer than normal, but it’s still a process!  A process that most days, I just don’t have time for!  What I do have time for?  About 2-3 minutes!  Which, is all this Sally Hansen Ista-Dri nail polish takes!

I literally did my nails 5 minutes before I took the pictures for  this post.  I ran out to take the images with no smudges, because one coat, 60 seconds to dry!blog-sally-hansen-insta-dri-cocoa-a-go-go-1 Granted, if you only do one coat (like I did above), it only lasts about a day before chipping.  But, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a professional non gel manicure last more than one or two days before chipping, so total win.

With this polish, if you do a 2nd coat the next day (again…another 2-3 minutes!), you get another day out of it.  Pictured below-my 2nd blog-sally-hansen-insta-dri-cocoa-a-go-go-3 The color I used.  Cocoa A Go Go.  I’m a total sucker for nail polish names.  Tell me I’m not alone?blog-sally-hansen-insta-dri-cocoa-a-go-go-4

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