Nausea remedies

After a rough weekend having eating something that didn’t sit well with me, I was racking my brains for foods are helpful when dealing with nausea. There have been some bad stomach bugs going around this winter, I occasionally get gluten contamination which gives me a stomach ache, and this weekend I was also reminded of my pregnancy with my first child when I suffered from extreme, debilitating, nausea for about 34 out of the 40 weeks. (No more babies for me, but my heart goes out to any woman dealing with morning sickness!) I’ve compiled some tips in hopes that *something* sounds good or may help another mom or little tummy!

lemon blog

At the peak of my morning sickness, I would chop up lemons and rub them on my arms and neck. May sound crazy, but it worked to take the edge off, at a time when nothing else did!


  • BRAT diet offers simple and easy digestible foods: Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast (can be gluten free!). Grated apples can also help an upset stomach.
  • Ginger is known to settle stomachs and aid in digestion: try making ginger tea from fresh grated ginger, dry ginger powder, or eating a piece of candied ginger
  • Clear broth – beef, chicken or vegetable broth can give some nourishment and calories
  • Chicken soup – if you are paleo and you see BRAT and think “carbs and sugar”, you may at some point tolerate and prefer some (fresh) chicken soup – protein, cooked veggies and broth are easy to digest!
  • Avoid dairy and foods that are very rich and harder to digest
  • At the peak of my morning sickness I could not stand the sight or smell of any food. Some days I ate sour gummy worms and would chop up lemons and rub them on my arms and keep them by me – smelling lemon took the edge off of the nausea

Wellness for cold and flu season here!

Stay well, be happy, and take care!


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