All Black…is always a win ( Fringe Vest + Cropped Flares + Booties)

I’m on the hunt for crop flares.

 I’ll be honest.  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair ever since I saw Carolyn Bessette in hers in the early 90’s.  For me, she was everything perfection when it came to fashion.  Such a tragedy in so many ways…

Alas… In my mind, crop flares = super long legs that can’t be bothered with our normal hems, so really…it’s my short legged dream haha.  Thankfully, the style is now totally becoming mainstream and you can find them everywhere!  Alas…when you thrift all your jeans, it’s a little harder, but…I WILL FIND THEM!  Or…I will rip them! 😉

I absolutely loooove this pair, but they are just a little too big on me.  I mean, they USED to be too big one me (whah whah!!)  I remember buying these at a major score, LOVING them, and then realizing they were too big and putting them in the “bin”.

Oh…but then enter a few weeks (ok, if I’m honest, months!) of stress eating and drinking…and I went digging to find them in my “to sell” pile haha.  Every once in a while I feel foolish for all the stock piling of denim in various sizes, but then…. I LOVE MYSELF!!  Ok, I totally rationalize every thrift purchase to the fullest (and 80% of the time my rationalizations come to fruition!)

All that to say.  In the weight I am now, even if it isn’t my norm…I’m SO glad these fit, because I LOVE THEM!!  And they are sooooo comfy!  Blog StyleMint Fringe Vest Mother Denim Rascal Crop 67 Booties-1 Blog StyleMint Fringe Vest Mother Denim Rascal Crop 67 Booties-2 Blog StyleMint Fringe Vest Mother Denim Rascal Crop 67 Booties-3 On me…

Sweater- StyleMint (old)
Top- Zara (old)
Jeans- Mother Denim “Rascal Crop” (thrifted, similar here)
Boots- SixtySeven “Blake” Bootie (Nordstom Rack, sold out, loving these)

Keeping it Real…

I would love to say that my hair is just full of thick curls, but…that is so not the case.  The reality is that is was SO WINDY!!!  And, you know…I’ll take it!   But in this case, not so prepared 😉  But, my 30 second Sally Hansen Nails look pretty good, huh?? 🙂

Ps-look behind me.  See those people walking their dog?  Yes, there is a reason there are only 3 images in this post 🙂  I saw this amazing wall near me, and got out while Maya was in school.  Oh, and then realized…everyone and their dog knew about it too!! 😉Blog Outtake(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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