Layering a Leather Jacket + Coated Denim

 I don’t know if I have the nerve for leather on leather, but leather with coated denim-sure!  Especially when the edginess is broken up with super soft cashmere and a denim shirt.  Not that I’m shy about going more edgy!  I actually feel more comfortable going that route than preppy, so this was my way of mixing in a little preppiness and still feeling like me.  I’m sure some people might wonder where the preppiness is, but for me…a button up denim shirt that’s not a “jacket” with a cashmere scarf = preppy.  It’s about as far as I can go in my comfort zone.  Preppy is one of those styles I LOVE to look at, but don’t feel comfortable wearing.  I’m sure we ALL can relate (in one form of fashion!)  Maybe it’s all my years in corporate banking that I never really felt comfortable in…hmmm…

I took these really quick one day while Maya was in school, so another “just me” post, which feels so weird.Blog Doma Leather J Crew Gap DL1961 River Checkered Vans-1 Blog Doma Leather J Crew Gap DL1961 River Checkered Vans-2I took these before I had discovered my shutter release and was trying to capture a walking shot with the self timer.  It didn’t go as planned 😉 Blog Doma Leather J Crew Gap DL1961 River Checkered Vans-3I had this thought that if I actually did my hair and Maya wasn’t with me, I might try and take a “head shot” for myself.

Nope, this won’t be it.  But…it’s filler, since I only took a handful of shots haha. 🙂Blog Doma Leather J Crew Gap DL1961 River Checkered Vans-4 Blog Doma Leather J Crew Gap DL1961 River Checkered Vans-5

On me…

Jacket- Doma” (old similar here)
Scarf- J Crew (old, similar here)
Top- Gap (thrifted, similar here)
Jeans- DL1961 River in Atlanta (ebay similar here)
Shoes- Vans (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
I took these in approximately 3 minutes and 46 seconds.  Ok, not so approximately haha 😉
It was cold, and I felt like a total nerd by myself, so…GET IT DONE (love looking back on my camera’s time stamp)!
But, totally a keeping it real for people that think it takes a ton of time to do this.  YES, it does if you don’t have a process or want a LOT of variety, BUT…it can be done quickly.  If you are alone.  Throw a child into the mix, and anything goes… 😉
(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod :))


6 thoughts on “Layering a Leather Jacket + Coated Denim

    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you Luiza! I have a pretty fast system down now! Plus, there were a ton of cars driving by, and I felt like a big nerd! So, I had a pretty big incentive to shoot and go 😜 Happy Monday!

      xx Lauren

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  1. Second City Mom

    You look gorgeous in the coated denim…almost looks like leather but not really. And the second to last picture of you with the bokeh and all…is absolutely gorgeous! Your beauty really shines in that one…well, all of them, but you know what I mean…


  2. purejackie

    I love your photos and that outfit, and wow!..3 minutes is fast, impressive. I also do my own photos with a self-timer and tripod and on average it takes me 10 minutes, the fastest lol


    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you so much!! Normally, I would have taken longer, but it was cold, and there were SO many cars driving by that I felt even more self conscious than ever haha. YAY for self timers!!! Happy Monday! xx

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