#TMEStyleCHallenge “Wear Giant Earrings”

Pictures originally taken 2/7/2021 (playing catch up!)
Words written on Instagram on that day…
Day 7 of @TheMomEdit #TMEStyleCHallenge

“Wear Giant Earrings”

Well….I don’t really own any “giant” earrings, but I sure do LOVE these earrings that @thekirstyfiles hand makes! Of course my hair is constantly covering them!!
I decided to get REALLY fancy and take these pictures in my living room… It went really well as seen in the behind the scenes video we took.

I swear the outtakes from this shoot are the best, so I’m including those as well. #LKKeepingitReal

I wear these earrings and their sister pair of smaller discs a LOT! You can find them locally at her store @queenanneframe or on her Etsy site “Lucia K Jewelry” #NOTsponsored just love them.

Blog Lucia K Jewelry Large Tag Earrings-1jpgBlog Lucia K Jewelry Large Tag Earrings-2Blog Lucia K Jewelry Large Tag Earrings-3Blog Lucia K Jewelry Large Tag Earrings-4

On me…

Keeping it Real…
OHMYGOSH… the taking of these…not even remotely indicative of what we captured…thank you close up shots and black and white editing….all by me, because….DUH!!!!
Behind the scene video can be scene in the original IG post…OMG. I’m DYING!!  This is such a true depiction of trying to capture something for social media when you do NOT have your shit together!!
Blog Outtake-1Blog Outtake-2

Blog Outtake-3

I mean….can I get a KISS???

Blog Outtake-4

Clearly not haha

(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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