Vintage Leather Jacket + Striped Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans + Booties

 These leaves have come and gone…

As has an era of grace, poise, intelligence, integrity, strength, passion, and respect.  Little scared for what’s to come, but no need to go into that right now.

We happened to have had a nice day over TWO MONTHS ago, and we ran outside to take a few pictures in the morning before we ran about our day.
blog-vintage-leather-jacket-striped-sweater-j-brand-boyfriend-clyde-el-naturalista-1 Is there a bug on the ground or is she mimicking my “don’t look at the camera” pose…

You decide 🙂
blog-vintage-leather-jacket-striped-sweater-j-brand-boyfriend-clyde-el-naturalista-2 blog-vintage-leather-jacket-striped-sweater-j-brand-boyfriend-clyde-el-naturalista-3 She is quite literally the best hugger in the world…blog-vintage-leather-jacket-striped-sweater-j-brand-boyfriend-clyde-el-naturalista-4 And a champion twirler too!blog-zara-faux-leather-jacket-sweet-luka-mo-moto-boots-1 I can’t even…blog-zara-faux-leather-jacket-sweet-luka-mo-moto-boots-2 blog-zara-faux-leather-jacket-sweet-luka-mo-moto-boots-3 blog-zara-faux-leather-jacket-sweet-luka-mo-moto-boots-4

On me…

Jacket- Vintage, thrifted, similar here
Sweater- Zara (old, similar here)
Boots- El Naturalista Duna N528 (thrifted for $7!!)
On Maya…
Jacket- Zara (thrifted, similar here)
Sweater- Gap Kids (thrifted)
Dress- Sweet Luka Mo (old, tank version here)
Jeans- Gap Kids (thrifted)
Boots-Joseph Allen (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
This face is so her!!!  I mean, it’s so her when I’m trying to take her picture!  She is such a happy funny girl, but when I try and take her picture lately….
Oh…and, how about we take a picture together?
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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