Baked Bacon

Ever felt stumped when trying to make more than a few strips of bacon, perhaps for a big breakfast, brunch or party? I usually microwave bacon, occasionally will fry it, but that works best in small batches and ends up taking a while and sometimes making a mess! Baked bacon to the rescue!

This is a super simple way to cook bacon! You’ll need a large glass dish (9″ x 13″) and you’ll simply lay the strips of bacon side by side – bake it in a hot oven until desired crispiness and then remove, let drain on paper towels and voila!

baked bacon blog


  • Bacon


  • Heat oven to 400*
  • I recommend using a large dish with sides, e.g. a 9″ x 13″ glass dish
  • Lay strips of bacon side by side and bake for 20 minutes or until desired crispiness is reached

Serve with.. pretty much anything! 🙂


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