Who are we?? A little more about us :)

We have an about us page, and we’ve done a couple of posts of us together (Although, we both wish there were more!!)  Sadly, with jobs, kids, husbands, LIFE(!!!), it’s not as easy as we’d like.  I had one friend from Instagram say “I thought you and Esther lived next to each other!”  I wish!!!  Ok, maybe I don’t.  I’d weigh 800 lbs from all the delicious goodies she cooks up!

Anyway!!  I DO live next to one of our mutual friends.  Her son had a birthday a few days ago, so it was finally our chance to get some pictures together!  We did these after the party, with her husband graciously wrangling our 3 kids on a sugar high/mayhem let down.  The sun was oh so bright (seriously, what the heck Seattle?!), and the location was in front of my house.  Oh, and I forgot to mark the exact focus point with the self timer and tripod, so I messed up the focus (GRRRRRR!!!)

BUT…this is us!! 🙂Blog Me and Esther-1 Blog Me and Esther-2Yeah, because self timer poses are so natural and fun when you have your spouse and kids watching!! 🙂 Blog Me and Esther-3 Blog Me and Esther-4And…yup.  Our kids are running around like crazy kids on sugar highs 😉 Blog Me and Esther-5

Random Facts About Lauren:

  • I am a total creature of habit.  I’ve have a PB&J every day for lunch.  Have for at least the last 10(??) years.  That’s just one of many examples!
  • I’ve had grey hair since high school.  Which…was 22 years ago.  I’m scared to know how much I have now.
  • I’m not really into traditional “pampering”.  I’ve cut and colored my own hair since high school, and give myself mani’s and pedi’s (I do get pedi’s for special occasions because…duh that cheese grater is the bomb and my feet need it!!).  Mix of being a complete control freak and not wanting to pay someone to do something I can do myself 🙂  More $ to spend on thrifting!
  • I’m ridiculously competitive.  Some people won’t play games with me.  Thanks Dad 😉
  • I have an irrational fear of sharks…and really any kind of fish.  All thanks to Jaws and a fish jumping out of it’s tank at a pet store and flopping at my feet when I was 5-6.  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!
  • I didn’t like spicy food, until I got pregnant.  I craved Sriracha on everything, and still do.
  • I over analyze EVERY decision.  Big decisions sometimes take me a year+.  BUT…once I decide, I want to do it immediately.  Some think I’m spontaneous because of that last part.  NOT EVEN REMOTELY 🙂
  • I’m pretty shy and introverted.  Until you get to know me.  Or…at work, because I have to be outgoing.
  • I love sad movies.
  • Spelling backwards is a random super power.  Cranium anyone? 😉

Random Facts about Esther:

  • I hate following directions or recipes (cooking is an art right!?)
  • I rowed on UW Crew for a year – one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but it was an amazing experience
  • I’m a total introvert as well. I was so shy first grade that my teacher had to sit next to me during a reading assignment so I could WHISPER it to her! I’ve had to work on that BIG time just to survive at work and in life.. Speaking of..
  • I did Toastmasters for years and then started a corporate club at work, overcame my deathly fear of public speaking and now coach others!
  • I want to be a TED speaker
  • I could probably eat rice crispy treats every day
  • I grew up in Norway and speak several languages
  • I’m almost 5’11” and have a terrible time finding pants that fit just right (too short! Too long!).. I know, I know.. it’s rough to be me..!
  • Never thought I’d be a yogi, but discovered hot yoga this winter and totally LOVE it!
  • Coming up with random facts about myself is way too hard

Thanks for following along!!  We really appreciate it 🙂dit-elle-Laurendit-elle-Esther

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