Zulily Blow Out Sale

I’ve mentioned before that most of both Maya and my clothes are thrifted.  I’d say for Maya it’s close to 90%.  A) I love the thrill of the hunt.  Getting something totally adorable for $2 that retailed for $30-$50?  LOVE IT!!  B) Then I’m not so worried about her playing, dirty, or spilling things on herself. C) I love that she’s not wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing.  It’s usually still what’s currently in style (sometimes not haha), but it’s not what’s currently in stores/aka different 🙂

Well…the one time I always seem to break down, is when Zulily has their blow out sales.  Especially on the shoes.  They have so many ADORABLE SHOES!!!  Marketing geniuses that they are, they put “HURRY!!  Only 4 left!”  Or heaven forbid “ONE LEFT!!”  Well, I may have gone a little crazy this morning.  Normally, I hem and haw over things in my basket.  “Do I really need this??”  Well, truth be told the answer to that is usually no, but I’ve been working really hard lately, and I figured what the heck!!

SO…. Here’s a few of my scores.  Go check out the sale (if you dare ;))Zulily Blow Out 2OMG, DYING over the top left.  DYING!   Zulily Blow Out IGdit-elle-Lauren

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