Rhubarb Sauce

Rhubarb sauce is probably the easiest rhubarb dessert recipe to make! Rhubarb + something sweet + top with coconut milk, cream and optionally crushed almonds or something crunchy = totally yummy goodness!

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  • Rhubarb – select hard crisp stems, remove leaves (very poisonous) and chop up in bite size pieces
  • Water
  • Some sweetener – honey, agave, maple syrup, cooked and pureed dates, or good old white sugar
  • Splash of vanilla
  • Coconut milk or cream (optional)
  • Toasted nuts or seeds (optional)


  • Put rhubarb and water in a pot and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally until the pieces are starting to come apart and are soft
  • Add sweetener and stir until well blended
  • Remove from heat and add vanilla
  • Serve warm or cold with cream and any toppings you fancy
  • Enjoy!

Super mom tip: raw rhubarb pieces and rhubarb sauce both freeze very well! Make a batch of sauce and freeze in small or large containers for easy re-heating later! 🙂



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