Frozen Banana Bonbons

Happy Valentine’s Day! These are delightful tiny frozen treats – made these early this morning before school & work! They take ~10 minutes to prepare. Love bonbons? We do too! Did you know –

“..the name bonbon (or bon-bons) refers to any of several types of sweets, especially small candies enrobed in chocolate. The first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court. Their name arose from infantile reduplication of the word bon, meaning ‘good’. In modern French and several other European languages, the term simply refers to any type of candy or small confection.” (Wikipedia)

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  • 1 banana, cut into ½ -inch slices
  • 1/2 bag chocolate chips
  • unsweetened shredded coconut (optional)


  • Place sliced bananas on a parchment paper lined plate
  • One by one, using a small heart shaped cookie cutter, cut banana slices into hearts
  • Put chocolate in microwave safe dish and heat (~45 seconds) until melted, stir
  • Dip sliced banana hearts into chocolate, then sprinkle with coconut
  • Place on parchment lined plate to set
  • Freeze for 1 hour or more

Thanks Elana’s Pantry – see the original Paleo Frozen Banana Bites.


4 thoughts on “Frozen Banana Bonbons

    1. ebchr Post author

      They are so yummy! Forget the cookie cutter to make it one step easier!

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  1. Kathy Christoffersen

    e. the date on your message about forgetting the cookie cutter is 2-15-14 5 a.m. what time zone is that. can’t be as it is only 11:30 a.m. here
    these look perfect. just the bite one needs.



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