Bacon wrapped dates

Looking for a delicious hot appetizer that is super easy to make? Bacon wrapped dates are amazing – a combination of sweet hot date wrapped in salty crispy bacon – yum! This is lovely as an appetizer or pairs well with Velvety Squash Soup for a warm lunch on a chilly September day.DatesOriginal


  • Dates, pits removed
  • Bacon, cut in half, cross-wise
  • Garnish: fresh thyme (optional)


  • Wrap dates in bacon slices
  • Bake @ 365 degrees for 25 minutes
  • That’s it! :-)

Super mom tip: getting ready for a dinner party? Make these a day ahead by wrapping dates in bacon slices, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you’re ready to bake them!dit-elle-Esther

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